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Haxtun is located on the beautiful high plains agricultural area of northeastern Colorado. It is the center of one of the most productive farming and ranching regions in our country. Some Haxtun_Colorado_Chamber of CommerceHaxtun area families continue to farm land homesteaded by their relatives more than 100 years ago. Those brave and hardy people helped give the community great character and stability. The strength of every small town is its people and their willingness to be active participants in the life of their community. The town of Haxtun is made up of approximately 1000 individuals who cherish their privacy but work together in an effort to help Haxtun succeed. Our “Small City with a Big Heart” is located at the crossroads of US Highway 6 and Highway 59, about 30 miles from the Interstate 76. Haxtun has excellent school systems, progressive healthcare, and a thriving business community. Visitors and guests are welcome to visit our town, taste the good life we enjoy, explore the subtle beauty of Northeastern Colorado’s plains and perhaps decide to join in our stable and productive community.

State of Colorado

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