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Our Mission is to be a progressive & aggressive chamber, helping our community make prudent economic growth decisions while assuring that we maintain the lifestyle & atmosphere that we cherish.

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The Haxtun Chamber of Commerce prides itself on its community orientation and service. We encourage everyone to become involved in the Chamber by becoming a member. We understand the value of your time and know that not everyone can play an active role in the Chamber and its numerous events. But your financial support helps!

Your investment in the Haxtun Chamber of Commerce allows us to play a creative and ambitious role as drivers of the local economy. Your financial support affords the Chamber the ability to continue its community service events, like Old Fashioned Saturday Night and Corn Festival.

If you enjoy serving your community, sharing your ideas, your creativity, and your energy, or imparting your business wisdom and have a few hours a month to spare, please consider joining the Haxtun Chamber of Commerce as a member of the board.

Commercial Dues Structure

Base Membership: 1-2 Employees: $100.00

3-5 Employees: $150.00

6-10 Employees: $300.00

11-15 Employees: $500.00

16+ Employees: $1000.00

Non-Profit Dues Structure

Base Membership: No employees: $50.00

1-5 Employees: $75.00

6+ Employees: $100.00

Affiliate Member Dues Structure

Base Membership: 1-2 Employees: $100.00

3-5 Employees: $150.00

6-10+ Employees: $250.00


Community Service Membership Dues Structure

Base Membership: $50.00

Youth/Young Entrepreneur Dues Structure

Base Membership: $30.00

Individual Member Dues Structure

Base Membership: $30.00

Thank you for your continued support of the Haxtun Chamber of Commerce!

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